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“Of Mind and Music is a quiet gem... Outstanding performances.

Superb cinematography and gorgeous musical score.”

Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“Adams conjures fights of visual poetry.”

—Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

“There's a soothing quality to Of Mind and Music -- crisp editing, measured pace and tender score...held together by superb performances across the board, Adams' assured direction and delicate, beautiful work by both director of photography Tom Lembcke and composer Carlos José Alvarez.”

—Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly

“A deeply moving, absorbing and inspiring story which millions can identify.”

—Jeffrey Lyons, Lyons Den Radio

“Unfolds like a jazz sonata. A story that will linger long after the music ends.”

—Roberta Burrows, Talking Movies

“A tenderhearted family affair unfolding against the backdrop of some sweet

New Orleans street music.”

Kam Williams, Rotten Tomatoes

“Richie Adams, the lm’s Baton Rouge based director, shows a sensitive tough, keeping the New Orleans set story, quiet and lyrical. Surprises with unexpected impact, thanks to the talented cast and the powerful dual forces of music and human kindness.”

—John Wirt, The New Orleans Advocate / Rotten Tomatoes

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